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PDF Metadata in LaTeX Documents

A high-quality publication not only has good content, but also takes care of the tiny details. In an earlier blog post we looked at how to embed fonts in a PDF, today we look at PDF metadata which specifies properties such as the author, the title, a subject, and keywords. Setting the PDF metadata correctly will make it easier for search engines to find and correctly advertise your work, so spending a few minutes on setting the metadata correctly is time well spent.
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Embed all fonts in PDFs generated with LaTeX or PDFLaTeX

For high quality publications it is absolutely mandatory to embed all fonts in the respective PDF. If a PDF does not embed all fonts, the target system may replace the respective font with the 'best' available system font, so the document is almost certain to look different on different machines. Not quite what you want from a portable document standard, is it?

In the following I will explain how you can make sure that all fonts are embedded in your LaTeX documents (journal papers, conference contributions, flyers, etc.). Some tricks will even apply to PDFs in general and not be specific to LaTeX. There is also a small tarball available for download with all the details so that you can reproduce (and use for copy&paste) the subsequent discussion.

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