Monthly Archives: September 2016

Sparse Matrix-Matrix Multiplication on Intel Xeon and Xeon Phi (KNC, KNL)

The latest incarnation of the Intel Xeon Phi product line, codename Knights Landing (KNL), is becoming more broadly available. As such, there is a lot of interest in how it performs, particularly when compared to other contenders in the high performance computing landscape. I have posted STREAM benchmark results for KNL earlier in my blog, which outlined the potential benefit of the high bandwidth memory (MCDRAM) of KNL. Let us have a look at a more complicated operation, which is neither limited by raw compute power nor by raw memory bandwidth: sparse matrix-matrix multiplication (aka. sparse matrix-matrix products). Continue reading

Computational Science And Engineering Software Sustainability And Productivity (CSESSP) Challenges

Is writing code essential for your every-day work, be it research, development, or engineering? Did you have to take a coding shortcut here or there to get the task done? Do you think that your code would need a bit more polishing before handing it out to other people? If you answer all these questions with yes, you're not alone! Continue reading

CfP: High Performance Computing Symposium 2017

Do you have new and exciting research results in the area of high performance computing? Then consider submitting your work to the 25th High Performance Computing Symposium (HPC 2017)! The optional abstract submissions are due on October 15, 2016. Full paper submissions (8 pages max.) are due on December 15, 2016. Continue reading