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PyViennaCL: GPU-accelerated Linear Algebra for Python

Toby St Clere Smithe, who I mentored during the Google Summer of Code 2013, released PyViennaCL 1.0.0 today. PyViennaCL provides the Python bindings for the ViennaCL linear algebra and numerical computation library for general purpose computations on massively parallel hardware such as graphics processing units (GPUs) and other heterogeneous systems. ViennaCL itself is a header-only C++ library, so these bindings make available to Python programmers ViennaCL’s fast OpenCL and CUDA algorithms, in a way that is idiomatic and compatible with the Python community’s most popular scientific packages, NumPy and SciPy. Continue reading

Open PhD position, Computational Microelectronics

I'm happy to announce the following position for a prospective PhD I'm looking forward to collaborating with:

The Institute for Microelectronics (TU Wien) is seeking a highly motivated PhD student to work on deterministic solution approaches for the Boltzmann Transport Equation for semiconductors. To strengthen free open source software in our field, the candidate is expected to contribute to our free open source simulator ViennaSHE and the underlying ecosystem of libraries such as ViennaCL or ViennaGrid. As one of the main application areas of ViennaSHE is the simulation of reliability issues in semiconductor devices, the candidate will also be involved in these activities, providing exposure to industrially relevant research.

Full description: