Relaunch using WordPress

My former webpage, a custom-grown set of PHP scripts, was floating around in the web mostly unchanged since 2007 - time for a relaunch. My requirements for the relaunch were as follows:

  • Full content management system
  • Both static pages as well as an integrated blog
  • Free open source

I rebuilt another webpage with Typo3 just two years ago, so I tried to use it again for my own page but couldn't find a good plugin which handles blogs well. The second attempt was Drupal, where I had nice discussions with some developers back at the Google Summer of Code Mentor Summit 2011. However, I spent a couple of hours on trying to get the page layout to be the way I wanted, but still couldn't come up with a solution I was entirely happy with. I consequently put the relaunch on hold, until I finally decided to give WordPress a try. At first I was hesitant to using WordPress because its widespread use makes it a good target for attacks from the web's underground. Still, I finally gave it a try and within less than an hour I had the basic structure set up exactly the way I wanted. Productivity at its best, and now back to science! 🙂